Descendant Genealogy

Our mission is to rediscover forgotten family history for those who seek a deeper connection to their past

Genealogical Research Services

Do you have a research objective you’re just unsure how to approach? Have you hit a brick wall in your research? Want to know more about your ancestor’s Revolutionary War or Civil War service? Do you want to verify your third great-grandmother is your biological ancestor? You have come to the right place! We offer DNA and traditional genealogical research services to overcome those difficult research questions and introduce you to your ancestors. 

Please look at our genealogist’s portfolio for an example of our genealogical research reports, writings, and DNA network graphs. You can contact us at or by the contact button below. We look forward to working with you.

Genealogical Research

It all begins with a research plan tailored to meet your objective. The source cited research report includes analysis and correlation of sources and a detailed summary of findings. The package includes digital images of documents, a research log, a timeline, and suggestions for further research. Take a look at our portfolio for examples.

DNA Research Projects

The DNA research report includes all components in our genealogical research project and additional tools tailored to your objectives, such as analysis of DNA matches, triangulation, clustering, and pedigree triangulation. 

DNA Network Graphs

All DNA research projects include a DNA network graph! They are an excellent way to visualize match groups and identify the most recent common ancestors (MRCA). You can purchase DNA network graphs one-off for $40.

We stay on top of schedules for timely delivery and work closely with you to meet your genealogical research objectives. Contact our Genealogists today!